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Top 5 Countries Visiting Nepal – The Centre of Adventure, Spiritual Harmony and Hospitality

Here’s a list of top five visiting nations whose citizens you’ll find as familiar faces offering exploring the terrain of Nepal!


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Top 5 Countries Visiting Nepal – The Centre of Adventure, Spiritual Harmony and Hospitality

A beautiful destination with stunning views and a sense of serenity or thrill of an adventure can definitely drive you to pack your bags and head out!

Nepal’s Himalayan mountains, bustling flora and fauna, deep serenity, the rush of adventure sports and of course the hospitality of the mountain people presents a memorable tourism experience to tourists from all over the world.

And that’s why people from every corner of the planet travel all the way to Nepal to become one with nature, to leave behind a world of worries, to test the daredevils in themselves and connect with loved ones!


But ever thought from where this tourism-rich country receives some of its frequent visitors? Time to talk about that!

Coming straight from the records of Nepal’s Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation database, here’s a list of top five visiting nations, whose citizens you’ll find as familiar faces offering you smiles and warm gestures as they explore the streets of Nepal:

1) India

Topping the list of frequent/common visitors is Nepal’s very own neighbor, India! Factors such as proximity, easy border passage and families from both nations provide a huge boost to Nepal’s tourism industry from India.

With a common border of 1,758 kms and 7 entry points, Nepal presents the perfect getaway for Indians wanting to experience Nepal’s beauty and hospitality. Besides, the Himalayan nation presents a perfect opportunity for trade and commerce.

Tourist Visited Nepal from India (2013 to 2018)

Moreover, a zero-visa entry for Indians makes traffic and exchange all the more easier and feasible. Finally, visiting relatives is another reason for the high rate of Indian tourists. With 6 million Nepalis living in India and 4 million Indians living in Nepal, there is bound to be an exchange of people between the nations.

Year No. of Tourists Visited Nepal
2013 180,974
2014 135343
2015 75,124
2016 118,249
2017 160,288
2018 200,438

Indians contribute to 17 percent of Nepal’s tourists!

2) China

Chinese tourists make up for a major chunk of tourists around the world. And this trend has been in place ever since the Chinese government authorized tourism in 1991.

Surprisingly, over 130 million Chinese tourists visited countries abroad in 2017. Countries around the world including Nepal started receiving this ever-enthusiastic population with an open heart.

In the same year, Nepal welcomed 104,000 Chinese visitors! Reason? Again, the advantage of close proximity and no-visa policy for one-month.

Tourist Visited Nepal from China (2013 to 2018)

Paving more way for Chinese tourists, Nepal Prime Minister Oli visited China recently and shared about the country’s Visit Nepal 2020 campaign with the Chinese Tourism Ministry.

This campaign was warmly welcomed by the Chinese government with the intent of increasing tourist exchange between the neighbor countries.

Year No. of Tourists Visited Nepal
2013 113,173
2014 123,805
2015 66,984
2016 104,005
2017 104,664
2018 153,602

China contributes to 11 percent of the tourists in Nepal!

3) USA

Adventure drives Americans’ adrenaline and that’s exactly what drives them to Nepal! Nepal’s rocky gorges, trekking trails and mountain expeditions present some of the most sought-after challenges for the westerners who love adventure.

Mount Everest is adorned with American flags that brave hearts like Dave Hahn and the youngest mountaineer Jordan Romero left behind as a symbol of achievement. Romero’s prowess proved that age is no limit to those who dare to try! However, Americans fall third in Nepal’s list of top visiting tourists owing to their preference for European destinations, coupled with South Africa’s sandy tropical beaches.

Tourist Visited Nepal from USA (2013 to 2018)

Holidays and trekking trips are the most cited reason for American visits in Nepal.

Year No. of Tourists Visited Nepal
2013 47,355
2014 49,830
2015 42,687
2016 53,645
2017 79,146
2018 91,785

USA contributes to 8 percent of the tourists in Nepal!

4) Sri Lanka

Nepal and Sri Lanka’s relations have been forged by goodwill, mutual understanding, cooperation and a common yet strong belief in Buddhism. Both these destinations nurture tourists belief and faith with a bounty of Buddhist temples and monasteries.

Tourist Visited Nepal from Sri Lanka (2013 to 2018)

Sri Lankan tourists visit Nepal to find solace in the birthplace of the divine Buddha, Lumbini. The two countries also struck up an air service deal in 2009 to facilitate a smooth air connection and promote tourism.

Year No. of Tourists Visited Nepal
2013 32,736
2014 37,546
2015 44,367
2016 57,521
2017 45,361
2018 70,610

Sri Lanka contributes to 4.5 percent of Nepal’s tourists and accounted for 70,610 tourists visiting Nepal in 2018.

5) UK

UK is home to Nepal’s fifth largest contributor of tourists. Besides, a long shared history of 200 years is what keeps these two nations together and promotes an exchange of tourists.

Tourist Visited Nepal from United Kingdom (2013 to 2018)

Moreover, English influence has continued to have an impact on Nepal’s modern culture, especially the language.

Year No. of Tourists Visited Nepal
2013 35,668
2014 36,759
2015 29,730
2016 46,295
2017 54,564
2018 63,086

UK accounted for 63,086 tourists in Nepal in 2018!

Other Important Visiting Countries

While the above countries top the list of Nepal’s visitors, the Himalayan Nation continues to draw tourists from some important countries across the world including Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Myanmar, South Korea, Thailand, and The Netherlands.

Over 1 Million tourists visited Nepal throughout 2018, bringing the country closer to its target of 2 Million visitors by 2020.

Foreign Nations Tourist Arrival by Year from 2010-2018

Foreign Tourist Arrivals to Nepal from 2010 to 2018

Year No. of Tourists Visited Nepal
2010 602,867
2011 736,215
2012 803,092
2013 797,616
2014 790,118
2015 538,970 
2016 753,002
2017 940,218
2018 1,173,072

Ola Nepali Sansar Reader! Which country are you visiting Nepal from?

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