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Lumbini Draws 1 Million Tourists!

Around 1.1 million tourists visited Lumbini’s Mayadevi Temple out of which 892, 361 were domestic tourists!


Lumbini Draws 1 Million Tourists!

Close to 1.1 million tourists visited Lumbini in the first 10 months of 2018, according to the Lumbini Development Trust.

Our records show that until October end this year, around 1.1 million tourists have visited Mayadevi Temple of Lumbini out of which 892, 361 were domestic tourists, 132,182 Indians and 123,939 from third countries, said Hari Dhwaj Rai, Information Officer, Lumbini Development Trust (LDT).

Greater Lumbini Area is spread across 5,260 including Kapilavastu, Rupandehi and Nawalparsi in Western Nepal’s southern plains. It is also home to a number of other religious and archeological sites including Araurakot, Devdaha, Gotihawa, Nigilhawa, Kudan, Ramagrama and Sagarhawa.


Electronic Ticketing
The government is investing Rs 700 million on projects under the Lumbini Master Plan (LMP), as part of the area’s development initiatives.

Additionally, LDT started the electronic ticket system for Mayadevi temple visitors/tourists to maintain a scientific record on tourist arrival.

“To avoid fake ticketing, we have started electronic ticketing system with the latest technology,” said Bhim Basnet, Account Officer, LDT.

Following a directive in August 2018, even domestic tourists have to pay an entry fee of NPR 20 per head as Greater Lumbini Conservation and Service Fee. However, natives of Kapilavastu, Nawalparsi and Rupandehi are exempted from this fee.

In 2017, Lumbini had 1.2 million domestic visitors and around 300,000 foreign tourists.

Top 21 Tourist Attractions in Lumbini

Lumbini—Nepal’s Booming Tourist Hotspot

Lonely Planet, a famous international travel guide website and book publisher positioned Lumbini ‘seventh’ in its list of Best in Asia—Top 10 Tourist Destinations for 2018.

Furthermore, this tourist destination of Buddhist culture is being promoted under the Nepal Government’s biggest tourism campaign ‘Visit Nepal 2020’

Tourist Tip: Entrance tickets to Lumbini are available at counters near the Bus Park and Mayadevi Temple Entrance.

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