Monday 25th September 2023

Nepal Launches ‘Nagarik App,’ A One-stop App for All Govt Services!

The application is free of cost and can be downloaded from Play Store.



Nepal Launches ‘Nagarik App,’ A One-stop App for All Govt Services!

The Nepali Government has launched the ‘Nagarik App’, in a bid to provide government services and information to citizens through a single electronic platform.

Now, any Nepali can receive the prescribed government services by submitting an application through the Nagarik App.

After registering in the application, the applicant will receive an OTP. So, to avail any government service, the user must enter the password along with the name, address, and date of birth. The government agency will verify the authenticity and identity of the users from the telecom service providers before offering the services.


“If a service-seeker is a registered user of the app, they can submit an application to receive online services. In case any fee is chargeable for the service, the amount shall be paid to the concerned government service provider agency as instructed by the app,” reads Citizen App (Operation and Management) Directive, 2021.

“The service provider agencies shall be responsible for maintaining privacy details and information of users in accordance with the existing laws.”

The Nepali Government ought to seek support from the Nepal Telecommunications Authority and National Information Technology Centre, among others, for operation, management, and maintenance of the app.

Nepal Nagarik App

The Directive demands an eight-member coordination committee under the IT Ministry to maintain coordination among service providers.

Similarly, a seven-member technical committee led by a joint secretary of the IT Ministry has been formed to address the technical issues of the app.

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