Friday 17th March 2023

Tamakoshi Hydropower plant in the final stage of testing

The Nepali power plant was scheduled to generate 76 MW from Monday


Tamakoshi Hydropower plant in the final stage of testing

The Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Project is in the final phase of testing to produce electricity from the first unit.

The project, which is under construction, was scheduled to dole out 76 MW of electricity from the first unit on Monday. The other units will become operational after the first unit goes live.

Managing Director of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Hitendra Dev Shakya and PM’s Development Expert Gajendra Thapaliya surveyed the construction of the power plant on Sunday and approved the power generation plan for Monday.


The officials oversaw the equipment test at the power plant and at the Khimti substation. The substation is also under construction in Ramechap. “We have brought the project, which has been facing various problems, to the point of generating electricity through continuous efforts. All the tests have reached the final stage. We will start power generation from the first unit by switching on Monday morning without any technical problems,” said Hitendra Dev Shakya.

Nepal Power Plant

All the other tests pertaining to the power plant’s integrity have been completed successful. The electricity which will be generated from this plant will be transferred to the national grid via Gongar-Khimti-Dhalkebar 220 kV transmission line. The transmission line construction is complete, and the same is being tested.

“As it will take a few days to test the substation, alternative arrangements will be made to connect the project’s electricity to the New Khimti substation and connect it directly to the Dhalkebar substation,” Shakya said. “We have made the necessary arrangements for this.”

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