Tuesday 30th May 2023

Nepal’s New Prime Minister Wins Vote of Confidence

The PM shall now stay in power till 2023


Nepal’s New Prime Minister Wins Vote of Confidence

Nepali Congress chief Sher Deuba has won the vote of confidence after being appointed Prime Minister on Tuesday. The vote happened won in the reinstated parliament.

Sher was conferred with the Prime Ministerial position using Article 76(5) of the Nepali constitution. He was appointed as PM after Supreme Court’s mandamus secured 165 votes in parliament. Sher needed 138 votes to win the vote of confidence in parliament.

During the vote of confidence, a total of 249 parliament members were present in the House of Representatives (HoR) on Sunday. While 83 parliamentarians vote against Sher, 165 parliamentarians voted in his favor. Only one member stayed neutral during this vote session.


Nepal PM Sher Bahadur Deuba

With this victory, Sher will effectively stay as Prime Minister of Nepal until the next general elections are held in 2023. The positive development was taken cognizance by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he took to Twitter to congratulate Sher.

Narendra Modi

“Congratulations Prime Minister @DeubaSherbdr and best wishes for a successful tenure. I look forward to working with you to further enhance our unique partnership in all sectors, and strengthen our deep-rooted people-to-people ties,” Modi tweeted. The Indian PM is the first leader to congratulate Sher Deuba’s victory.

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