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Nepal SEE 2077 BS Results To Be Released By End of Shrawan!

The Coordination Unit in Rasuwa is the only unit to send the details to the NEB.



Nepal SEE 2077 BS Results To Be Released By End of Shrawan!

The National Examination Board (NEB), Examination Control Office, informed that the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) 2077 BS results will be released by the end of Shrawan.

The NEB is making preparations to send the details about the SEE results to the Education Development and Coordination Units across the country by the end of Shrawan.

“We have started the preparations for the results to be published by the end of Shrawan under normal conditions, ” said Controller of Examinations Rudra Prasad Adhikari.


As per the predetermined schedule, schools are supposed to send the details of the internal assessment of their 10th class students to the Coordination Units by Ashadh 20. In response, the Unit has to send the results to the NEB by the end of Ashadh.

However, only the Unit in Rasuwa has sent the results to the NEB so far. “Those results have also been sent back because of discrepancies,” said Adhikari.

According to the NEB, some schools have not yet sent their results to the Coordination Unit, due to floods and landslides. While some Coordination Units are verifying the details, some have sent back the results to the schools due to discrepancies.

“Even though new provisions were introduced to prevent doling out arbitrary marks, some schools still worked around the loopholes and defied the system,” said Controller Adhikari. “Such schools have been asked by the respective units to review the results.”

The National Examination Board (NEB)

The NEB has made a new provision this year, which mandates teachers to state a specific reason if more than 80 marks were granted to any student.

For the academic year 2020/21, a total of 5,17,122 Grade 10 students had registered themselves for the SEE examinations. However, only 3,85,000 them had filled the application form. The exact number of applicants will be ascertained once the results are out.

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