Saturday 3rd December 2022

Nepal Supreme Court Panel Finds Judiciary Corrupted

The panel was headed by Justice Hari Krishna Karki


Nepal Supreme Court Panel Finds Judiciary Corrupted

The Supreme Court panel commissioned by Chief Justice of Nepal, Cholendra Rana, has revealed startling findings of the national judiciary. The panel found the corruption is virulent in the judiciary.

Right from the selection to the appointment, the judiciary was found to be accepting bribes. Justice Hari Krishna Karki, who headed the panel, submitted the disturbing report to CJ Rana on Thursday.

Chandeshwar Shrestha, Nepal Bar Association President and a member of the panel, stated that the panel has recommended that the Nepal judiciary implement reforms if they are willing to better the Nepal legal system.


The extensively detailed 250-pages report opined that the current judicial appointment process is the most significant perpetrator for corruption.

 “The Judicial Council is responsible for recommending names of justices and judges, but the Council picks the names as it pleases without basing it on any legally defined criteria. Hence, the justice appointment gets controversial most of the time,” a member of the panel quoted the report.

Judiciary Justices are Possibly Involved

The report stated that brokers were perpetuating the corruption by handling and influencing internal matters such as transfers of justices.“They are also found to be working to establish regular communications between justices and parties fighting for or against any case”.

The panel also made a startling finding that judges and lawyers were acting as brokers and suggested the judicial administration to scrutinize them intensively. Also, the rumors of judges’ relatives influencing the judicial matters should be pursued, suggested the panel in their report.

Nepal Supreme Court

Reconsider Chief Justice’s Role in Constitutional Council

The committee recommended that Chief Justice’s role in the Constitutional Council be studied as it has come under fire lately. The incumbent Chief Justice Rana is under the spotlight as there is a consensus that Rana is intentionally delaying hearing the petitions made against the Council. These petitions were made during the KP Oli’s Prime Ministerial tenure.

As Council members are politicians, the decisions would be taken with political motives, and that would tarnish the Chief Justice’s stature, the panel opined.

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