Saturday 23rd September 2023

Nepal witnesses a COVID-19 rise with 1,920 new cases

The Himalayan nation lost 24 people to the infection in the last 24 hours



Nepal witnesses a COVID-19 rise with 1,920 new cases

The health ministry of Nepal has reported that the total COVID-19 tally has increased to 827,642 with the emergence of 1,920 new cases.

9,443 people submitted their sample sizes and had them tested using the RT-PCR method, and 1,702 wound up testing positive for the virus.

Similarly, 3,073 people were subjected to antigen testing, and 218 people were found to be infected. This new data brings the overall positivity rate to 15.34 percent.


Nepal currently has 38,751 active cases, and 3,196 of them are hospitalized. 681 are in ICU, and 169 are surviving on ventilators.

COVID-19 Cases

Unfortunately, 24 people have succumbed to the infection, while 2,248 people have recovered from COVID-19. Overall, 10,509 have died so far from the infection, and 698,173 have recovered from the deadly infection.

A total of 3,846,736 people have been fully vaccinated. 4,942,250 people are partially vaccinated. 18,322 were vaccinated in the last 24 hours.

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