Monday 22nd July 2024

Nepal Supreme Court Goes Out to Save Ex-Gurkhas

The former Gurkhas are protesting in London for pension equality


Nepal Supreme Court Goes Out to Save Ex-Gurkhas

An interim order was issued by the Supreme Court of Nepal, which asked the government to save the former Gurkhas who are protesting in London, United Kingdom. The former Gurkhas are fasting-unto-death in London as they have a couple of demands which are going unheard.

The justice bench headed Justice Deepak Karki, issued this interim order which ordered the Nepal administration to safeguard the lives of Nepali Gurkhas in London. The endangered lives are Dhan Bahadur Gurung, Gyan Raj Rai and Pushpa Rana Ghale.

The order was issued after advocate Sanjay Adhikari filed a writ petition in Supreme Court. The defendants were listed as Prime Minister of Nepal, Council of Minister, foreign affairs minister, and the government of Nepal.


Nepal Supreme Court

The former Gurkha soldiers are protesting for pension equality and other perks which their British counterparts are earning.

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