Saturday 3rd June 2023

Former Gurkhas Protest for Pension

The veterans go on a hunger strike


Former Gurkhas Protest for Pension

Former Gurkhas are protesting in front of England’s Prime Ministerial office for equal pension pay. They previously protested by fasting in relays. Now, they have decided to fast until death for their pension.

Gyan Rai, a Gurkha veteran, stated that they were compelled to fast-unto-death as their demand for pension has gone unheard. This was despite them approaching the governments of Britain and Nepal. “We resorted to going on a hunger strike as all other alternatives have been used up”.

On Saturday, Krishna Bahadur Rai sent a letter to the Coordinator of Gurkha Satyagraha Joint Struggle Committee, indicating that the Nepali government would coordinate with the British government and arrange their pensions.



The letter also asked the Gurkhas not to fast-unto-death. However, the incensed Gurkhas decided not to budge as they were keen to elicit a firm statement in their favor from the British government.

Many Gurkhas veterans decided to fast-unto-death. The Nepali organizations based out in Britain have extended their solidarity. Nepal Ambassador to Britain, Lokdarshan Regmi, is apprised of the developments.

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