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Nepal’s appetite for phones increase in the past year

The imports of the phone have increased due to the pandemic



Nepal’s appetite for phones increase in the past year

The pandemic has increased Nepalis hunger for phones as the Himalayan nation imported more phones in the past year.

The imports have doubled in monetary terms thanks to spending and revenue that the government received as taxes.

The customs department released these vital statistics about the mobile phone imports in the past three years:

Fiscal Year Number of Mobile Imported Money Spent (Rs) Revenues Collected (Rs)
2020/21 7.03 mn 36.9 bn 5.84 bn
2019/20 4.365 mn 18.17 bn 2.87 bn
2018/19 4.275 mn 19.27 bn 3.52 bn

The Nepal Mobile Traders Association head, Purushottam Basnet, stated that most of the imported handsets were smartphones.“Following the pandemic, the smartphone market boomed in Nepal. There are many people who gave up their bar phones to go for smartphones.”


He also opined that the demand for smartphones might have increased as kids have to attend online classes. He also felt that people’s spending on expensive handsets has increased during the pandemic.

Sadhuram Bogati, a phone trader in New Road, concurred with Purushottam. The trader said that the demand for phones in NPR 15,000 to NPR 35,000 was relatively higher in recent times.

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