Tuesday 23rd July 2024

Nepal Prime Minister Underscores COVID-19 Vaccination a Priority

Sher Deuba has a lot on his plate with his accession to the Prime Ministerial position




Nepal Prime Minister Underscores COVID-19 Vaccination a Priority

Nepal’s new Prime Minister Sher Deuba, has made it clear that vaccination all Nepali was a priority for him.

In a conversation with officials of the Cultural Association on Thursday, Prime Minister Deuba said that the new government was requesting vaccines from abroad as soon as possible to provide vaccines to all Nepalis.

Speaking to the Cultural Association official on Thursday, the PM said that his newly formed government was trying to source vaccines internationally and provide them to Nepalis as soon as possible.


“The priority now is to provide vaccines to all Nepalis as soon as possible,” Sher said. “It is necessary to fight against the virus so I am working to avail vaccines to all.”

Covid Vaccine

“Vaccines are in the process of being shipped from different countries,” he said. “Since that is not enough, the government’s campaign will not stop until all Nepalis are vaccinated.”

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