Tuesday 26th September 2023

Nepal Cracks Down on Business Firms which Violated Code of Conduct

More than 1000 organizations have violated the code in the last fiscal year



Nepal Cracks Down on Business Firms which Violated Code of Conduct

Nepal’s Department of Commerce has cracked its whip on more than 1000 enterprises for breaching the code of conduct.

The commerce department concluded that 1,035 business organizations have indulged in trade activities that violate the code. The Department monitored the activities of 2,497 firms and suggested improvements to 1,597 firms. In addition, 397 companies were given the opportunity to clarify their business activities by furnishing the required documents.

During the fiscal year 2077-78 BS (2020-21), the Department found 1,035 business firms and companies indulging in inappropriate trade activities.


The Department in a year conducted monitoring of 2,947 firms. 1,597 were suggested for general improvements, and 397 firms were demanded to furnish required documents and sought clarifications.

Nepal’s Department of Commerce

The Department has amassed NPR 23.98 million with the fine amounts stated Shibaraj Shedhai, spokesperson of the commerce department.

Also, the Department destroyed adulterated food consumables worth NPR 37.38 million.

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