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Nepal’s COVID-19 tally spike up as 1855 new infections crop up




Nepal’s COVID-19 tally spike up as 1855 new infections crop up

Nepal’s COVID-19 tally hit 674,726 on Thursday after 1,855 people tested positive for the virus in the last 24 hours. On the other hand, 1,288 people recovered from the viral infections, and the recovery tally stood at 637,690.

However, the mortality count shot up as 24 people succumbed to the virus and the country’s death count stood at 9,661.

As per the health ministry, 12,829 people were tested with the PCR method, and 9,122 tested positive for the virus. Another 859 tested positive via the antigen method.


The testing data confirms that the total number of single-day infections from PCR and antigen methods reflect 2,714 positive cases. With the new data, Nepa’s active caseload stands at 27,375.

Nepal COVID-19 Cases

Until now, 4,589,970 Nepalis have gotten the vaccination jabs. From this populace, 3,308,730 are partially vaccinated, while 1,281,240 of the entire country are fully vaccinated.

The situation for 291infected people is challenging as they are fending off the infection in quarantine facilities.

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