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Remeasure Mt. Everest Height: Nepali Team Completes Landmark Survey!

The team successfully scaled the Everest peak on May 22, 2019



Remeasure Mt. Everest Height: Nepali Team Completes Landmark Survey!

A team of Nepali officials who embarked on Mount Everest trip to measure it has successfully scaled the peak on May 22, 2019.

The team reached the peak at 3.15 am local time and began their measuring works that lasted for one hour.

“The survey team is now on its way back to the Base Camp after completing the Everest measurement works that lasted for one hour,” said Meera Acharya, Director at the Tourism Department.


Met Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli Before Remeasure the Height of Mount Everest

The team has set a new record by measuring the Mount Everest for the first time in Nepal’s survey history.

Further, the survey officials will share the details with the concerned government department officials, months later, informed the Survey department.

Four government officials Khimlal Gautam, Rabin Karki, Suraj Singh Bhandari and Yuvaraj Dhital were among the team members part of the survey.

The move to remeasure the Everest peak came after the debates that argued that the Mount Everest had shrunk after the April 2015 earthquake.

Till date, Nepal has been considering 8,848 meters as the altitude of the Everest peak, as measured by the Survey of India in 1954.

Remeasure the Height of Himalaya Mount Everest

This step marks a milestone achievement in the world history! While many world nations have surveyed the Mount Everest height, Nepal is doing this for the first time!

Nepali Sansar wishes the team ‘All the Best’ in their landmark survey!

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