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Nepal State 5 Launches ‘Visit Lumbini 2076’ Campaign

Visit Lumbini 2076 aims to draw two million tourists to Lumbini!




Nepal State 5 Launches ‘Visit Lumbini 2076’ Campaign

In the latest update on the Nepal Tourism Industry, the State 5 Government launched a publicity drive for Visit Lumbini Year 2076 BS on May 1, 2019.

The campaign aims to draw two million tourists to Lumbini, with the slogan ‘Visit Lord Buddha’s birthplace, Spread the message of peace’.

In view of the campaign, the government organized a program at Hetauda and invited the people of State 5 to visit Lumbini.


Visit Lumbini 2076 Publicity Sub-Committee Coordinator Bharat KC said that the campaign will officially begin from Buddha Purnima on May 18, 2019.

‘Visit Lumbini 2076’ Campaign Launch

A budget of NPR 400 million has been allocated for the campaign. KC shared that tourists visiting Lumbini will be taken on tour to places such as Devdadha, Ramgram and Tilaurakot.

Devdaha, Nepal

In November 2018, Lumbini recorded 1.1 million tourists for the first 10 months of the year. Tourists visited Lumbini’s Maya Devi temple, among which most of them were from Nepal alone.

Nepal’s Tourism initiatives are part of the bigger tourism campaign Visit Nepal 2020, which aims to draw 2 Million tourists to Nepal by 2020. The government has already kickstarted the first phase of the campaign from Pokhara.

Visit Nepal Year 2020 Campaign

Nepal’s Lumbini is of high religious significance for Buddhists as it is considered as the birthplace of Lord Buddha

Lumbini Birthplace of Buddha

Top 21 Tourist Attractions in Lumbini

May 1, 2019 |

The buddha life journey and significance


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