Saturday 10th June 2023

No to Plastic! Nepal’s Supreme Court Orders Absolute Ban on Plastics!

The apex court ordered the government to impose complete ban on plastic bags under 40 microns within 21 days.


No to Plastic! Nepal’s Supreme Court Orders Absolute Ban on Plastics!

Considering the negative environmental impact of using plastic, the Supreme Court has ordered the Nepali Government to impose complete ban on plastic bags thinner than 40 microns within three weeks.

During a court session on Sunday, a single bench of Justice Kumar Chudal gave the order for implementation of the 160th point of the budget statement provisioned for the ban on plastic bags.

The apex court directed the concerned authorities to hammer out an action plan pertaining to the work, duties, and responsibilities within 10 days to implement the ban effectively.


Ban on Plastic Bags

The court gave additional 10 days for the concerned authority to make arrangements such as consultation with stakeholders, policy formulation and implementation.

“From the 21st day after this order is received, the provision of point 160 of the budget statement of 2021/22 concerning the complete ban on the production, import and use of plastic bags (thinner than 40 microns) will be implemented across the country,” read the SC order.

Moreover, the Supreme Court asked the Chief Secretary to deploy a mechanism to monitor the implementation of the action plan and submit a report every two months.

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