Tuesday 30th May 2023

Kathmandu asks residents not to litter the roads

Corners of the capital city are strewn with garbage


Kathmandu asks residents not to litter the roads

Kathmandu Metropolitan City asked the residents to desist from littering the roads.

The city administration issued a statement that elaborated how waste disposal has become difficult as landfill sites have become inaccessible to the seasonal rains.

Due to the inaccessibility, garbage disposal has become a challenge to the administration.


In the statement, the administration has elaborated KMC will come to the house and pick up the garbage once the accessibility to the landfill sites was restored.

Due to this issue, various corners of the city are strewn with garbage. KMC expects this issue to persist for a while.


The garbage is typically sent to the landfill in Sisdol in Kakani rural area. The monsoon rains damaged the roads to Sisdol. However, this situation is nothing new, as Kathmandu experiences this every year.

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