Friday 22nd September 2023

Nepal Stock Exchange Witnesses Record Turnover

The turnover is NEPSE’s highest yet


Nepal Stock Exchange Witnesses Record Turnover

NEPSE has recorded its highest turnover yet, despite the Nepal stock market going under the weather. On Sunday, NEPSE stated that it witnessed a turnover of NPR 21.6 billion.

Mura Parajuli, the NEPSE spokesman, stated that the NEPSE’s previous highest turnover until had been NPR 19.5 billion. However, this was shattered on Sunday.

Market exported opined that the turnover rose as Nepal Rashtra Bank announced the monetary policy on Friday. The Nepal central bank announced that it would not be changing the lending rate for margin loans.


However, the stock exchange’s index dipped on the first working day after the central bank’s announcement. All the sub-indices except Microfinance and manufacturing dipped.

Nepal Stock Exchange

The NEPSE index fluctuated for a while before ending at 3,154.03, which was 24.88 points less than the opening mark of the day.

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