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Nepalis Can Fly to UAE Easily Now

Nepal airline operators can now fly Nepalis to the Emirates



Nepalis Can Fly to UAE Easily Now

Airplanes flying from Nepal to UAE will now carry passengers as Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) finally got the COVID Rapid PCR test facility.

Although UAE never stopped Nepalis from entering its airspace, the entry was allowed only after a negative PCR test result. This facility has arrived at the airport now.

Air Arabia, a Saudi Arabia airline operator, was flying the Nepalis to UAE from Thursday. However, the Nepal airlines lagged in the game as the TIA wasn’t equipped with the PCR test option.


Additionally, Fly Dubai was flying the other passengers. Although the Nepali airlines were flying to UAE, it was only to bring back passengers to Kathmandu.

As per the requirements, a negative PCR test result has to be presented at the airport. This test result should not be more than 48 hours old, and an additional negative Rapid PCR test had to be presented to board the jet. The second test cannot be more than four hours old.

The airlines are accepting even if a negative PCR test result is presented at the time of boarding. However, the test ought not to be older than four hours. Due to this workaround, Nepalis can now fly to UAE on Nepali air carriers.

Nepal Flights

Using this workaround, Himalaya Airlines and Air Arabia flew Nepalis to UAE on Saturday. The Himalayan Airlines collected the swab samples of the passengers and flew them to the destination only after receiving the negative results.

Also, Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) is prepping to fly to UAE on Monday night with passengers on board. The NAC will fly twice a week to UAE starting this week.

The government of Dubai previously listed Nepal as a high-risk COVID-19 country along with many other countries. This move was initiated to curb the spread of the virus. It has now relaxed the rules for entry from Nepal.

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