Friday 2nd June 2023

Nepali Congress Leader Urges the Sher Deuba to Retire from Politics

Nepali Congress is not mincing words when it comes to criticism


Nepali Congress Leader Urges the Sher Deuba to Retire from Politics

Former Vice President of Nepali Congress (NC) Prakash Singh asked the President of the party Sher Deuba and senior leader Ramchandra Poudel to retire from politics. He opined that the leaders’ retirement would allow the party to promote new leaders.

Prakash Singh went on to say that he was fit to lead the party, and he opined that he was capable of becoming the party president.

The vocal leader went ahead and met district leader Ramnath Adhikari. The district leader recently lost his mother. Prakash Singh also said that he would run the party as per the norms and existing policies.


Prakash Man Singh Nepal

Prakash also accused the party leadership of not leading the party well. “Not old but new leaders in the party who are devoted to party organization should take leadership now,” the leader said.

He underscored the requirement to conduct the general party convention to establish peace among the party. The party leader expressed concern over the party’s decision to delay the convention.

Prakash went on to assert that he was the next in line for leadership after Sher Deuba, Nepal’s incumbent Prime Minister, and Poudel.

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