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Nepal Spends NPR 381 Bn on ‘2015 Earthquake’ Reconstruction

The reconstruction is delayed due to lack of facilities and inconvenient working environment.


Nepal Spends NPR 381 Bn on ‘2015 Earthquake’ Reconstruction

In the last five years, the Nepali Government has invested over NPR 381 billion for the reconstruction of structures destroyed in the devastating 2015 earthquake.

However, the government has not yet completed the reconstruction works due to the inconvenient working environment and lack of facilities.

According to the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA), the has spent a total of NPR 309 billion through government agencies and NPR 72 billion through other private agencies.

Structures Total Number Reconstruction Status
Completed In Progress
Residential Houses 781,176 494,044 (63%) 190,145
Schools 7,553 5,598 (74%) Over 20%
Heritage Sites 920 402 141
Health Centres 1,197 56% Over 12%

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