Tuesday 16th July 2024

Most of Nepal May Experience Rainfall

The rainfall would not be heavy


Most of Nepal May Experience Rainfall

There is a potentiality that the Himalayan Nation may experience light to moderate rainfall on Wednesday.

Meteorologists of the Meteorological Forecasting Division (MFD) predicted that there wouldn’t be heavy rainfall in this half of the monsoon. However, they stated that light rainfalls would occur occasionally.

The nearest marine body to Nepal is the Bay of Bengal. The northwestern part of the bay and other low pressures areas surrounding the northwestern region affect the weather of Nepal. Now, there is a low-pressure system to the south of that marine region.



Rains were witnessed in some parts of Nepal. There is a chance of light to moderate showers, which may be accompanied by thunders in many places in the afternoon. Also, few places in the night may experience the thundershowers, stated the MFD.

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