Thursday 1st December 2022

Mid-term Elections to Take Place as Planned: PM Oli

The PM said that the reinstatement of the dissolved HoR would lead the nation towards instability.


Mid-term Elections to Take Place as Planned: PM Oli

Addressing a mass gathering organized by his faction of the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) in Biratnagar, Prime Minister Oli said that the mid-term elections would take place on the stipulated dates.

He said that people favor elections, and the Supreme Court’s decision on the HoR dissolution case will be in favor of people and the country as a whole.

During the meeting, he said that the reinstatement of the dissolved HoR will not only be against the public interest but also lead the nation towards instability. He further informed that it is beyond his imagination that the Supreme Court would pass a verdict to reinstate the Parliament.


Nepal Parliament

“We cannot even imagine that the Supreme Court will pass verdict otherwise under any pressure,” said PM Oli.

He also said that his party would launch an agitation if the Apex Court gave its verdict against the HoR dissolution.

Other prominent leaders of the Oli-led faction, including Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa and senior leader Subas Chandra Nembang, too addressed the mass gathering.

The mass gathering was organized to showcase their strength and inform people about the reasons behind HoR’s dissolution and calling of the mid-term elections.

Meanwhile, the Dahal-Nepal faction of the NCP formed a human chain around the outer sphere of Tundikhel as a protest against the HoR dissolution by the Oli-led government. Hundreds of participants formed the human chain and chanted anti-government slogans during the protest.

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