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Cholendra Makes His Stand Clear on Resignation Askance

The Chief Justice refuses to yield to the growing demand for resignation


Cholendra Makes His Stand Clear on Resignation Askance

Chief Justice Cholendra Rana has doubled down on his stance by stating that he shall not resign from his office despite the fact that there was growing opposition stemming from the judiciary and fellow justices in Supreme Court.

The stakeholders of the judiciary who demanded the Chief Justice resign have accused him of compromising during the Prime Ministerial tenures of KP Oli and Sher Deuba.

Due to this issue, the majority of the supreme court justices have decided not to hear cases. This was done to add more pressure on the Chief Justice to make him resign.


Chief Justice Cholendra Rana

The dissident judges met Rana today, and the Chief Justice told them that he won’t despite the demands arising from the people around him.

He battened down on his defense, stating that other justices were embroiled in controversies, and it was not fair for him to resign alone. “If all involved in the dispute resign, that can be thought of,” he said, “If not, you cannot resign just because there’s a demand from the street.”

The Chief Justice also stated he would stick to the constitutional stipulation, which dictated the Chief Justice’s appointment and termination.

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