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Nepal Examination Results 2075-76: Check Your Scores Online!

Students can visit the TU official website to check the examination results 2075-76



Nepal Examination Results 2075-76: Check Your Scores Online!

Tribhuvan University (TU) is the first national institute of higher education in Nepal. It was established in 1959. One of the main objectives of the TU is to produce skilled human resources required for the overall development of the country. It aims at imparting standard higher education.

Tribhuvan University is the Office of the Controller of Examinations in Nepal. It undertakes the responsibility of students’ evaluation, while ensuring quality education.

The main functions of the Office of the Controller of Examinations are as follows:

  • Conducting examinations of most of the programmes under the institutes and the faculties
  • Maintaining the standard of examinations
  • Publishing the results on its website:
  • Keeping the records of all the examinations systematically

Nepal Students

Students can instantly check their examination results on the TU official website.

Here’s the list of Examinations Results published by the Tribhuvan University in 2075-76:

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4-YRS B.ED.-Second Year 2076 4-YRS B.B.S.-Third Year 2076 4-YRS B.SC.-Second Year 2076
3-YRS B.A.-Third Year 2076 M.A. POL.SCIENCE-First Year 2075 M.P.A.-First Year 2075
M.A. ECONOMICS-First Year 2075 M.B.S.-First Year 2075 3-YRS B.ED.-Third Year 2076
LL.B. (BACK)-First Year 2075 LL.B.-Third Year 2076 M.A. ENGLISH-First Year 2075
M.ED.-First Year 2075 M.A. HISTORY-First Year 2075 M.A. CULTURE-Second Year 2075
M.A.POPULATION STUDIES-First Year 2075 M.A. NEPALI-First Year 2075 2-YRS LL.M.-Second Year 2074
M.A. SOCIOLOGY-ANTHR-First Year 2075 ONE YEAR B.ED.-First Year 2075 M.A. RURAL DEVLOPMEN-First Year 2075
M.A. PSYCHOLOGY-Second Year 2075 M.A. MAITHILI-Second Year 2075

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Other Examination Results:

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