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Nepal’s Bhoto Jatra 2019 Day Announced!

The Machhindranath chariot will be towed from Lagankhel to reach Jawalakhel for the festival on June 09, 2019


Nepal’s Bhoto Jatra 2019 Day Announced!

Nepalis mark your calendars for your favorite festival!

June 09, 2019 has been fixed to display the bhoto (a jewel-studded vest) of Lord Rato Machhindranath – the God of rains and good harvest.

A group of four astrologers from the Joshi community have fixed the auspicious date.


The Machhindranath chariot will be towed from Lagankhel to reach Jawalakhel for the festival on June 09, 2019.

Background of Bhoto Jatra

Bhoto Jatra marks the end of the month-long celebration of Rato Machhindranath Jatra. The festival surrounds the tradition of displaying a diamond-studded vest at the time of the Rato Machhindranath festival.

The vest was presented to a healer-farmer who had cured the snake king Karkotak’s wife of her eye ailment. The farmer’s newly-earned reward drew a lot of attention from everyone. Unfortunately, one day the vest was stolen by a ghost who refuses to let go of his newly-earned position.

After a long chase and much pursual, the two reached the wide plains of Bhaktapur where the Rato Machhindranath festival was taking place and people were pulling a chariot. The argument between the two caught the attention of the then King Gunkampdev, who was very just and kind.

He gave both the parties a chance to present their side of the story and claim the Bhoto. Ultimately, he demanded that both the farmer and ghost present a strong proof on who the vest belonged to. Until then, the king decided that the vest will remain with the priests of the Rato Machhindranath chariot.

Despite the farmer’s request to the snake king, he didn’t come to stand witness for him before the king. The priests waited until the last day and kept displaying the vest for someone to own it up. But no one ever claimed it.

Hence, this tradition continues till date.

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