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Coronavirus infections multiply in Kathmandu

The Himalayan nation had lowered the infection spread with immense effort and global assistance



Coronavirus infections multiply in Kathmandu

Kathmandu hospitals are witnessing more number of COVID-19 admissions after the prohibitory order was relaxed.

As per the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, 20 to 25 people with the initial symptoms of coronavirus infections are being admitted daily. The number of admissions reached an alarming 126 on Sunday alone.

The university hospital has a patient capacity of 145. As the inflow has increased, the hospital has begun preparations to allow more patients in the COVID-19 ward.


The hospital had begun focussing on other health priorities as the infections had previously dipped.

At Patan Academy of Health Sciences, 211 patients have been admitted on Sunday. Out of this populace, 25 of them were admitted to the ICU, and 180 were rushed to the High Dependency Ward. Dr. Ravi Shakya of the hospital said they have been admitting 25 to 35 patients recently.“The infection has increased since the prohibitory order was relaxed.”

Nepal COVID-19 Cases

Bir Hospital has witnessed a similar influx, with 92 coronavirus afflicted people admitted on Sunday. The Bir hospital has a patient capacity of 500. The hospital is admitting 10-12 people, infected people, daily, said the Chief Administrative Officer Jageshwar Gautam.

The same situation is Shukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, which is full of coronavirus patients. The hospital has 40 general beds and has supports the admission of 20 patients requiring intensive care. Dr. Sher Pun, Chief of the Clinical Research at this hospital, “The admission rate of patients with symptoms has increased since last four/five days.”

“Looking at the scenario, the patients seem to have been infected at the vaccination centers and the vaccine certification line,” Dr. Pun said.

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