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  • Daman Tourism | Nepal’s Popular View Point | Himalayas Panoramic View
    Monday 22nd April 2024

    Nepal Tourism: Daman, A Popular Point for Panoramic View of Himalayas

    Daman is one of the popular viewpoints of Nepal for a panoramic Himalayan view

    Nepal Tourism: Daman, A Popular Point for Panoramic View of Himalayas

    Nepal is one of the most-sought global tourism destinations, and this credit naturally goes to its icy mountainous ranges, especially the almighty Himalayas, and the visual feel they offer.

    Did you ever dream of the ultimate unimpeded panoramic view of the entire Himalayan range? If so, Daman of Nepal can be your right choice of travel!

    Located at a distance of 80 km southwest of the Kathmandu Valley, on the Tribhuvan Highway between Kathmandu and the town of Hetauda, lies Daman at an elevation of 2,322 meters
    (7,620 ft.) extending from Dhaulagiri in the west to the Mount Everest in the east, in the Thaha Municipality, Makwanpur District, Central Nepal.


    Popular View Point

    Daman Tourism

    With a peaceful ambiance with clean air and greenery around, Daman is definitely a must-visit for tourists. It is one of the popular viewpoints of Nepal.

    A telescope-attached view-tower on the hill of Daman can give you an ever-lasting experience of viewing around 8,000 snow-capped mountains of Nepal in clean weather. The hill top also presents a beautiful sunrise and sunset experience.

    Besides, rhododendron forest towards Hetauda presents to you a pleasing experience with different species of rhododendron flower during the spring season.

    A Religious Angle
    Daman also holds religious significance because of the presence of a religious site called Risheshor Mahadev Temple nearby the village.

    The legend has it that Lord Shiva, upon his wife Goddess Sati’s demise, rested at this place in deep sorrow carrying his wife’s dead body after a deep mourning and had also hit a huge rock with his weapon called Trishul for water resulting in emergence of water between the rocks, which is continuing till date.

    Fagu Purnima and Thulo Ekadashi are two key festivals celebrated in the region.

    Life in Daman

    Life in Daman Nepal

    90 percent of the people in Daman live on agriculture and rest of them on hotel business and others.

    The place also has lot of picnic spots for regular outing which can be covered in a 1-2 day trip. To stay long, the region also has a good number of resorts, hotels and lodges.

    Get Around
    Daman is also home to Nepal’s one of the biggest and oldest botanical gardens, and also houses varieties of Rhododendrons, Nepal’s national flower.Panoramic View of Himalayas

    For the sake of tourists, the locals have also formed a committee for the protection and preservation of these endangered plant species.

    Possible only on foot, Daman also has some interesting trails around that can take you to remote villages and connect with the local life. One of such could be the on-hire bicycle ride across a downhill to Palung Village.

    You will come across Bajrabarahi and Palung villages on the way to Daman, where a snowfall during winter gives a thrilling experience.

    Hiking, horse riding, mountain biking and fishing trip to Kulekhani are among interesting activities associated with Daman tourism.

    Nepal Daman Tourism

    Way to Daman
    It’s just a 3-hour car ride to reach Daman from Nepal’s capital Kathmandu. One can take on the Kathmandu-Pokhara highway until Naubise for about 29km, from where, leaving the highway and taking on the road left towards Hetauda can take you to Daman.

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