Friday 22nd September 2023

Pokhara Paragliding All Set to Restart Soon

The paragliding services were shut due to the pandemic


Pokhara Paragliding All Set to Restart Soon

Pokhara is gearing up to restart the paragliding activities after having shut them five months ago.

Chairman of Nepal Airsports Association (NAW), Krishna Bhandari, stated that the tour operators would be permitted to restart the tourism activities.

As the government decided to roll back the prohibitory order which restricted activities due to the global pandemic.


“We have already organized a paragliding safety and awareness program to resume the service. Similarly, the condition of paragliding devices has been checked,” the Chairman said. “All the paragliding companies have successfully conducted test flights before resuming the flights, and the resumption is likely in a couple of days.”

Paragliding is a mainstay activity of Pokhara. The adventure tourism activity started in Pokhara in 1999. Currently, Pokhara has 60 paragliding companies and 350 pilots who are in the paragliding tourism sector. 15 of the 350 pilots are foreigners.


The sector has NPR 1 billion investment strapped on, and 1,000 people are directly employed and connected to the sector. After the first wave of Covid-19 subsided, the companies offered 50-60 percent discount to the customers. The discounts attracted a lot of domestic tourists to Pokhara.

The paragliding operators will have to decide the new fares said the NAW General Secretary Balaram Acharya.

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