Nepal Holds Promising Future for Biotechnology

Nabin Munankarmi

Biotechnology is one field that has evolved over centuries with wide scope of implementation across various end-user industries such as agriculture, healthcare, among others. Continuing its pace, the biotechnology field is today making major strides globally as a solution to pollution control, cost reduction and resource conservation.

In line with global nations, Nepal is one country that holds high potential in the biotech industry because of its reliance on agriculture and overall industry development.

We got a chance to explore more about the status of biotechnology in Nepal. In an interaction with Nepali Sansar Bureau (NSB), Nabin Narayan Munankarmi, President of the Biotechnology Society of Nepal (BSN) shared his views on some interesting aspects on the progress of the biotechnology sector in Nepal.

Here are few excerpts from the interview:

1. NS Bureau (NSB): Nepal seems to be making rapid strides across various sectors. How do you see the scope of biotechnology industry in Nepal?

2. NSB: We see the presence of renowned universities like Kathmandu University (KU) in Nepal. In this regard, what do you feel about academia and policy level support to the research and development in the biotechnology industry in Nepal?

3. NSB: How about the interest among the students and educational institutions for biotechnology courses. How do you find the scope of it?

4. NSB: Where does the Nepali biotechnology industry currently stand at? Give us a brief about the path of the industry from past to present and towards future.

5. NSB: As an association working for the development of biotechnology, what do you think is the need of the hour for the biotechnology industry development in Nepal?

6. NSB: How about the willingness of Nepali industries like pharmaceuticals and other related industries in welcoming biotechnology solutions?

7. NSB: As an agriculture-driven country, Nepal holds good potential for research in agriculture biotechnology. What is your take on this? What developments do you observe towards this path?

8. NSB: How about the contribution of core organizations such as Nepal Biotechnological Association (NBA) and Nepal Molecular Biology Society (NEMBIS) that have been closely working with the field of biotechnology in the country?

9. NSB: Research on biotechnology has gone to different levels across the world. What sort of support Nepal requires from the world nations in taking ahead its biotechnology industry, either in the form of research or investment support? Any related moves in the recent times?

10. NSB: What are the current challenges and measures to address them, and your future vision for the Nepali biotech industry?


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