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Chandragiri Hill – Make your Way to the Scenic View of the Himalayas

The famous Bhaleshore Mahadev temple sits at the peak of the Chandragiri hill.

Chandragiri Hill – Make your Way to the Scenic View of the Himalayas

Enjoy some of the most breath-taking views of the Kathmandu valley and the Himalayan ranges, (Annapurna to Everest) from the very famous Chandragiri Hill. Situated on the south-west side of Kathmandu valley, this tourist attraction is located 7km from Thankot and is about 2551 meters above sea level.

The hill is one of the four passes of Kathmandu and is a significant reminder of the tireless efforts of emperor Prithvi Narayan Shah who brought about the unification of Nepal.

Chandragiri Hill Nepal

Religious Symbolism:

The hill relates to both Buddhist and Hindu religions. The famous Bhaleshore Mahadev temple sits at the peak of the Chandragiri hill.


There are several folklores attached to this temple but the most important one essays the story of Lord Shiva who carried his wife, Satidevi’s dead body around the world, unable to bear grief. It is believed that her Bhala (forehead) fell at the spot of the temple, transforming it into a ‘Shakti sthala’.

People believe that whoever comes to worship Bhaleshore, get their wishes granted and will find a place in Shivaloka in the afterlife.

According to legend, King Prithvi Narayan Shah worshipped in the temple before he could conquer the valley as part of his unification campaign.

A Sneak-Peak Around:

While the Bhaleshore Mahadev is the center of attention, other tourist attractions include the View Tower, Children’s playCable Car Ride Nepalground, the Chandragiri shopping center, a pony ride, Amphitheater and the Corporate Conference Center.

And yes of course the Cable Car Ride! The view of the vast valley adorned by the snow-capped Himalayan range will take you to a different realm, altogether. One can never get enough of this heavenly view.

Grab a bite!

The splendid views of the valley may be enough to feed your soul but what about feeding the foodie in you? While there are many restaurants out there, you can try out some interesting eateries in and around the View Tower.

Map Your Way:

With the introduction of the cable car, the 2.5 km drive to the stop station is a matter of 9 minutes. Additionally, there is a 11 km off-road drive to the top. For those who’d love to quench their thirst for adventure can take a 3-hour hike along a designated trail.

The Land of Mountains

Chandragiri Hill - Land of Mountains

Nepal’s geographical positioning makes it one of the most attractive tourism destinations in the world. Home to some of the highest mountains and hills like the Sarangkot and Chandragiri, the country never ceases to entertain its tourists and guests. The thin air, clouded skies, hazy mountain areas, lush green hills, beautifully built temples and monuments paint some surreal pictures that will stay etched in your memories forever. So why wait? Pack your bags and head out with cameras because the mountains wait to be explored.

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