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Nepal Ranks 127th for Mobile Speeds, 112th For Fixed Internet Speeds

Internet speed was recorded at 21.05 Mbps and 12.43 Mbps for mobile and fixed broadband, respectively.
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Nepal Ranks 127th for Mobile Speeds, 112th For Fixed Internet Speeds

According to the Speedtest Global Index by Ookla, Nepal has been ranked 112th in fixed internet speed and 127th in mobile internet speed in January 2020.

In the fixed internet category, Nepal has surpassed many south Asian countries including Maldives (135), Bhutan (141), Pakistan (155) and Afghanistan (161) while trailing behind India (66), Sri Lanka (91) and Bangladesh (103).

In the mobile internet category, the nation has surpassed India (128), Bangladesh (131) and Afghanistan (139) and while trailing behind Maldives (61), Sri Lanka (87) and Pakistan (118).


Nepali Broadband Speeds at a Glance

Details Speed Nepal Global Average
Mobile Broadband Download Speed 12.43 Mbps 31.95 Mbps
Mobile Broadband Upload Speed 7.21 Mbps 11.32 Mbps
Fixed Broadband Download Speed 21.05 Mbps 74.32 Mbps
Fixed Broadband Upload Speed 19.80 Mbps 40.83 Mbps
Nepal Mobile and Broadband Internet Speeds


Nepal Telecom has installed 4G networks in more than 2,000 places in the last four months to provide better customer experience to the 4.79 million 4G users in the country.

Even though the Nepali Government has implemented 4G networks across all the 77 districts, the country has slipped down by 3 places from last year in mobile internet speed rankings.

Nepal Mobile Broadband

Nepal was ranked in 124th position in mobile broadband in January 2019.

Meanwhile, Nepal has moved up by 4 places from October 2019 in fixed internet speed rankings.

The speed improvement is attributable to the aggressive expansion of optical fibre connections around the country by internet service providers.

Top Countries in the Global Internet Speed Rankings

Positions Mobile Broadband Fixed Broadband
1st position UAE Singapore
2nd Position South Korea Hong Kong
3rd Position Qatar Monaco

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