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Nilamber Acharya Appointed New ‘Nepal Ambassador to India’

Acharya was an interim minister after Nepal’s 1990 political change

Nilamber Acharya Appointed New ‘Nepal Ambassador to India’

Nilamber Acharya is appointed as the Nepal Ambassador to India!

In the latest Nepal political update, the Government appointed Nepal-India Eminent Persons’ Group member Nilamber Acharya to the long-vacant post.

Ever since the vacancy, Nepal Government was looking for a candidate with democratic credentials, especially Nepal-India relations and international affairs while also supporting the communist administration.


However, Acharya’s appointment by the leading Nepali Communist Party comes as a surprise, owing to his well-known affiliation to the Nepali Congress Party.

About Nilamber Acharya
Acharya was an interim minister after Nepal’s 1990 political change.

He was later appointed as Nepal Ambassador to Sri Lanka. In 2008, Nepali Congress nominated the minister to Nepal’s first Constituent Assembly and went on to lead the constitution committee.

Presently, he coordinates the Nepal Eminent Person Group on Nepal-India relations.

The new Ambassador is a Moscow graduate and has also served as an advocate.

Other Cabinet Nominations
The Nepal Cabinet also nominated Uday Raj Pandey as Nepal Ambassador to Malaysia and Krishna Dhakal as Nepal Ambassador to United Arab Emirates.

The cabinet decided to nominate Indira Niraula, Pitamber Timalsina and Rajesh Gurung as members of Nepal National Sports Council.

As part of the meeting, the cabinet also gave thematic approval to the Nepal National Priority Projects’ draft and decided to transfer Nepal former King’s family property ownership to Nepal Trust including the Kamaladi one.

Earlier, the Government had nominated former Nepal Election Commission Chief Commissioner Neelkantha Uprety as Nepal Ambassador to India. However, it withdrew this move following huge criticism.

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