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Nepal Health Ministry: “Health Policies Should Be Based on Scientific Research”

Excerpts from research will assist in formulating effective laws


Nepal Health Ministry: “Health Policies Should Be Based on Scientific Research”

Following a row of major health developments, the Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC) has urged the government to formulate health policies based on ‘scientific research data’.

In an event organized by NHRC , Nepal Health and Population (NHP) Minister Upendra Yadav said that excerpts from research data will assist in formulating effective laws and policies in the Nepali health sector.

Until now, the government has been relying on expert suggestion or available data for health policy formulation.


“The Central Government has been working on the basis of available data and is, thus, managing health programs throughout the country. In the same way, local governments should also conduct scientific research to identify problems and formulate rules and regulations based on such study,” said Yadav.

Adding further he said, formulating policies based on research will help in aligning with the Nepal Government’s sustainable development goals (SDG).

NHRCNHRC Executive Chair, Dr Anjani Jha who was also present at the occasion said that the council has been conducting researches on various aspects including, communicable and non-communicable diseases, environmental pollution and global warming.


“Such studies have helped formulate sound laws and their effective implementation,” says Jha.

He also assured that the NHRC will be available to support the Nepal Government in its initiatives.

“It is our duty to conduct research on different diseases in the country so that the government can make effective schemes in the health sector. We are always there to provide them the necessary data,” said Dr Jha, while adding that the council has begun research on mental health for the first time in the country’s history.

Currently, Nepal lacks quality research centres due to which it is dependent on international non-governmental organizations.

Adding to this, Dr. Pushpa Chaudhary, Secretary, Nepal Health and Population Ministry said, “We need to develop our own research centers so that we can perform research as per the need of the government to implement proper policies from the gathered evidences of the research.”

Nepal Government has assured that it will make use of research data to set plans that will reduce diseases and arrange for facilities according to the needs of its people.

“The government of Nepal has shown a positive attitude for the health sector. The government can achieve various world health goals if plans and policies are made according to its required amount,” said Prof Paul Garner, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

Nepal Government and its health sector are constantly working on updating and improvising the existing health practices in the country, we hope that they will be successful in establishing Nepal as one of the world leaders in the provision of healthcare.

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