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Fastest Climber to Scale the Highest Peaks in Seven Continents

Steve Plain has set the record of climbing “Seven Summits” in the shortest time of 117 days.

Fastest Climber to Scale the Highest Peaks in Seven Continents

36-year old Steve Plain from Perth has made a mark for himself after setting a new record for climbing the highest peaks in 117 days! Despite breaking his neck in a surfing accident four years ago, he returned on the 117-day challenge to conquer the seven summits of the world.

His challenge was complete after he climbed the 8,850-metre (29,035-foot) summit of Everest on Monday morning. The climb to the peak lasted for about 7 hours and had started from the final camp at the 8,000-metre (26,246-foot) South Col. higest peaks each continent seven summits

Ishwari Poudel, Managing Director at Himalayan Guides said, “Plain took nearly seven hours to reach the summit point from Camp IVon Mt Everest.”


As part of his conquest, Plain climbed the Mount Vinson in Antarctica on January 16th, followed by Mount Aconcagua in South America, Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, Mount Carstensz Pyramid in Papua Guinea (which covers Australia and Oceania), Mount Elbrus in Europe and Denali in North America.


Ishwari who had taken care of logistics for Plain said that he had a received a phone call informing him that the Australian climber and 2 guides reached the peak at 7am and were descending now.

Further praising the Australian, Ishwari said, “He has set the record of climbing Seven Summits in the shortest time of 117 days.”

Post his adventure, he was hospitalized and was diagnosed with multiple fractures to several vertebra. He also had a disrupted spinal cord, ruptured disc, dissected arterial artery and torn ligaments.

Doctors have declared that he may not able to walk again, although he was lucky enough to survive.

steve plain seven summitsPlain’s record breaks the record made by Polish climber, Janusz Kochanski. Janusz had taken 126 days to complete the climb of the seven summits.

A video featuring him in the last few steps to the top and receiving an award for his feat, was published on YouTube.


14th May – A Day of Firsts

Another team of rope-fixing climbers created a route from the Tibetian side to the summit of Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain. This move has made them the first team to scale the peak from the North ridge.

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