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Love for Nepal Drives NZ-born Hasely for a Noble Cause

Hasely Lobb is on a mission to provide water facilities to a Nepali village called Musey, badly hit by the 2015 earthquake

Love for Nepal Drives NZ-born Hasely for a Noble Cause

For love and dedication towards a place or people, physical factors like distance hardly matter!

Many inspirational stories have proven this and on the same lines, here comes another interesting one.

Upon his love for Nepal and its people, Stratford-born Hasely Lobb called for a mission to ensure water facilities to a Nepali village called Musey, badly hit by the 2015 earthquake.


Hasely, President of New Plymouth Mountain Bikers Club New Zealand, has created a challenge of climbing 8,848 m, the height of Mt Everest, within November 2017.

According to Hasely, various participants from Wellington, Christchurch, Taranaki and Australia have also joined the challenge that is expected to raise a USD 20,000 fund.

The fund, being raised through the Everyday Hero page online, will go to the Himalayan Trust’s Musey Water Appeal which eventually works for safe water facilities to communities living in the Everest region.

A Love-driven Cause!

Hasely Lobb

                        (File Picture: Hasely Lobb)

Expressing his love for Nepal, Hasely says he has visited the country twice so far and always loved it.

He feels concerned for not being able to help the country at the time of the 2015 earthquake disaster due to lack of proper means, however, has finally stepped ahead in the form of the present challenge.

“I would love to see this challenge become an annual event so that we can keep on raising money,” Hasely adds.

Ride, Run and Jump

The participants can finish the challenge in any way, either by walking, running, climbing, riding or jumping.

According to Hasely, the participants need to climb an average of 295 m per day to finish the challenge.

“One lady has already finished it, she did it in around 12 days. I am trying to do something different every day as much as I possibly can,” he adds.

Hasely mission for the ‘8848m For Nepal challenge’ includes walking the Mangorei Track to the Pouakai Hut, Maude Track to Mangakotukutuku Falls, climbing Paritutu Rock and running up and down the Liardet Street steps 66 times.

Musey, a Small Remote Village

Musey, Nepal is a small village with just 287 people and is reachable after a 40-minute trek from Lukla, the gateway to the Everest region.

The 2015 earthquake has affected Musey very badly, destroying many homes and the village’s water tank.

Since then, the community has been working relentlessly to rebuild homes. Replacing the water tank tops the priority list as the village depends mostly on agriculture for their livelihood and income generation.

Success of the Lukla Drinking Water Project (LDWP), a joint mission of the Himalayan Trust, Action for Nepal and the community of Lukla finished in 2014, forms a strong basis for the latest initiative. The Project is currently serving 200 homes and businesses including many tourist lodges.

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