Monday 30th November 2020

COVID-19: 175 Nepali Evacuees Test ‘Negative’ for Coronavirus

The evacuees will undergo another test at the end of the quarantine period of 14 days




COVID-19: 175 Nepali Evacuees Test ‘Negative’ for Coronavirus

The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) has confirmed that all the 175 Nepali evacuees airlifted from China tested ‘negative’ for the coronavirus.

The swab samples of the evacuees were tested at National Public Health Laboratory in Teku.

The evacuees will undergo another test at the end of the quarantine period of 14 days and will be allowed to return home only if found healthy.

Earlier, Nepal Airlines’ aircraft airlifted 175 Nepali evacuees from Wuhan and reached Tribhuvan International Airport, Nepal at 3:30 AM on February 16, 2020.

Currently, the evacuees were being isolated at the training center of the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) in Bhaktapur.

Coronavirus Global Overview

Global Coronavirus

As of today, i.e., February 20, 2020, the coronavirus death toll in China has reached 2,130 with 75,761 confirmed cases.

At least 25 other countries have reported coronavirus infection cases. There are 10 death cases and around 1000 confirmed cases outside China.

Coronavirus Cases outside China

  • Japan: 693 confirmed cases, including 621 from a cruise ship docked in Yokohama, 1 death
  • South Korea: 104 confirmed cases, 1 death
  • Singapore: 84 confirmed cases
  • Hong Kong: 63 confirmed cases, 2 deaths
  • Thailand: 35 confirmed cases
  • Taiwan: 23 confirmed cases, 1 death
  • Malaysia: 22 confirmed cases
  • Vietnam: 16 confirmed cases
  • Germany: 16 confirmed cases
  • United States: 15 cases; 1 US citizen died in China
  • Australia: 14 confirmed cases
  • France: 12 confirmed cases, 1 death
  • Macao: 10 confirmed cases
  • United Kingdom: 9 confirmed cases
  • United Arab Emirates: 9 confirmed cases
  • Canada: 8 confirmed cases
  • Philippines: 3 confirmed cases, 1 death
  • Iran: 3 confirmed cases, 2 deaths
  • India: 3 confirmed cases
  • Italy: 3 confirmed cases
  • Russia: 2 confirmed cases
  • Spain: 2 confirmed cases
  • Belgium, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Cambodia and Finland confirmed one coronavirus case each.

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