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180 Nepalis Appeal for Evacuation from China

Global coronavirus death toll reaches 362, with over 17,500 confirmed cases





180 Nepalis Appeal for Evacuation from China

Around 180 Nepalis in China’s Hubei Province have filed applications for evacuating from China, the epicenter of coronavirus outbreak.

Earlier on February 1, 2020, the Nepali Embassy in China had asked the Nepali citizens in Hubei Province to fill an evacuation form and send it to the Embassy  before 9:00 am on February 2, 2020.

According to the Nepali Embassy in China, around 180 Nepalis from various cities in Hubei Province have appealed for evacuation from China. They include:

No of Applications Place
59 Wuhan
50 Jingzhou
29 Enshi
28 Shiyan
9 Jingmen
5 Yichang

Around 10 Nepalis working in Hubei Province have not applied for evacuation, according to the Embassy.

The Nepali Embassy said that a chartered Nepal Airlines Corporation aircraft will be arranged for the evacuation of the applied Nepalis on February 5, 2020 via Wuhan Tianhe International Airport.

Nepal Chartered Flight

Before boarding the chartered flight, the Nepali nationals will have to undergo a medical check-up in China. If any one is tested positive for coronavirus, they will be restricted to travel to Nepal and are supposed to undergo treatment in China.

The Nepali Government has decided to isolate the evacuees for at least 15 days before sending them home. They are yet to finalize a location to quarantine the evacuees.

A New ‘Health Desk’

A New ‘Health Desk’

Apart from evacuation plans, the Nepali Government is also taking steps across its borders to prevent the entry of corona virus infection into the country.

A health desk has been set up at Jamunaha, the transit point at the Nepal-India border in Banke district, to prevent the spread of deadly coronavirus.

The people coming to Nepal through this transit point will undergo a health screening to check for coronavirus infection.

The coronavirus death toll in China has reached 361, with 17,238 confirmed infection cases, as of today, i.e., February 3, 2020.

Around 150 confirmed cases have been reported in at least 23 other countries with one death case in the Philippines.

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