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High Alert in Nepal Over Coronavirus

Nepal became the first country in South Asia to confirm the case of the deadly virus



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High Alert in Nepal Over Coronavirus

Owing to the epidemic outbreak of ‘Coronavirus‘ in China, the Nepali Government has issued strict directives for adopting high alertness to impede the spread of the deadly virus in Nepal.

The Nepali Tourism Ministry has issued a directive on January 27, 2018.

It includes:

  1. A help desk at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) to health screen the tourists from china
  2. Separate parking area for the airplanes coming from the coronavirus affected countries
  3. Airport employees must wear masks, gloves and follow other measures as per the need
  4. Hotels, travel agencies and trekking agencies must make arrangements for immediate transit of tourists with any symptoms of the virus infection to the specified hospitals
  5. Precaution steps at the border transit points like Rasuwa and Yari

So far, Nepal has confirmed one coronavirus infection case.

Novel Corona Virus (nCOV)

Global Overview:

As of today, i.e., January 28, 2020, 106 people were dead and more than 4,474 cases have been confirmed across the world.

All the 106 death cases from coronavirus and more than 4,515 confirmed cases have been confirmed in China.

Coronavirus testing

Hubei province in China have confirmed 2,714 cases so far. In view of this, the Chinese Government has deployed an additional 1,800 medical personnel to help ease the burden on hospital staff.

There are 62 confirmed cases in countries outside of China. They include:

  • Thailand – 14
  • Hong Kong – 8
  • USA – 5
  • Taiwan – 5
  • Australia – 5
  • Macau – 5
  • Singapore – 4
  • Japan – 4
  • South Korea – 4
  • Malaysia – 4
  • France – 3
  • Canada – 2
  • Vietnam – 2
  • Nepal – 1
  • Cambodia – 1

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