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Nepal Reeling Under ‘Political Chaos’ Amid COVID-19 Crisis

PM Oli proposes Gautam as new PM and Madhav as NCP Chair.


Nepal Reeling Under ‘Political Chaos’ Amid COVID-19 Crisis

While the global countries are scrambling to control and prevent COVID-19, Nepal is reeling under unprecedented political chaos.

The introduction of two ordinances, the backlog of party unification works, and delay in nominating NCP Vice-Chairman Bam Dev Gautam as NA members are some of the reasons that led to the intra-party disputes in the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP).

Most party leaders including senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal criticized PM KP Oli for introducing ordinances without consulting the party leaders.


They exclaimed that PM Oli had brought the ordinances to split his own party with the suspicion that the dissatisfied members in his party were trying to depose him.

In the need of the hour, the PM Oli called for a Secretariat meeting on April 29, 2020 to deal with the intra-party disputes.

However, the three-hour-long meeting remained unsettled as the disputed sections in the party could not come to a final decision.

NCP Secretariat meet

With no other option at his disposal, PM Oli has announced to step down from his position once the coronavirus pandemic gets normal.

He has offered to make NCP senior leader Bam Dev Gautam the new Prime Minister and Madhav Kumar Nepal the new NCP Chairman.

Bam Dev Gautam the new Nepal Prime Minister

Meanwhile, the NCP Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has proposed to make Madhav Kumar Nepal as the New PM.

Madhav Kumar Nepal

However, there are speculations that the new proposal by PM Oli is aimed at weakening the Dahal-Madhav collaboration.

Earlier, Madhav and Bam Dev Goutam have decided to join hands with Dahal exclaiming that PM Oli had acted ‘unilaterally’ both in the party and the government.

With this, PM Oli has fallen into a minority in the Secretariat, Standing Committee and the Parliamentary Party Committee.

However, Dahal and Madhav factions had initiated a signature campaign respectively to prove their majority in the parliamentary party and oust PM Oli from power.

The Secretariat consists of nine leaders including-

  • Prime Minister KP Oli
  • Pushpa Kamal Dahal
  • Madhav Kumar Nepal
  • Jhalanath Khanal
  • Bishnu Poudel
  • Ishwor Pokhrel
  • Narayan Kaji Shrestha
  • Bamdev Gautam
  • Ram Bahadur Thapa

The next Secretariat meeting will be held on May 2, 2020.

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