Thursday 26th November 2020

Monsoon Mayhem Damages ‘NPR 3 Billion’ Worth Infrastructure!

Around 181 people died, 278 were injured and 51 went missing due to the monsoon mayhem from April 13 to July 24.



Monsoon Mayhem Damages ‘NPR 3 Billion’ Worth Infrastructure!

Amid the socioeconomic implications of the coronavirus pandemic, Nepal continues to reel under the severe impacts of monsoon-induced floods and landslides.

The landslides and floods continue to affect the normal life of thousands of people and damage hundreds of houses across the country.

According to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA), around 181 people have died, 278 were injured and 51 went missing due to the monsoon mayhem from April 13 to July 24.

Natural Disaster Deaths Injuries Missing
Landslides 128 114 44
Floods 6 3 7
Lightning 47 161

In the last 24 hours, 11 people died and 12 were injured due to natural disasters across the country. Landslides occurred at 13 different locations and heavy rainfall at 10 places.

Nepal Land Slide Pictures

Meanwhile, eight went missing in a landslide in Melamchi Municipality-11 in Sindupalchowk district in the wee hours of Monday. However, seven bodies were retrieved while one has been rescued alive.

Nepal Continues to Reel Under Monsoon Havoc!

Apart from the human life loss, the floods and landslides have damaged infrastructure worth NPR 3.33 billion so far.

According to government sources, the estimated damage is as follows:

  • NPR 2 billion in the highway roads and bridges
  • NPR 330 million in dams and embankment constructed along rivers
  • NPR 1 billion in hydropower projects

The main damage due to monsoon induced disasters has been observed in the road segments of Araniko Highway. The cost of repair is estimated to be NPR 1 billion.

Araniko Highway

The Besisahar-Chame and Sanfebagar-Martadi road segments are also severely damaged by the floods and landslides.

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