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Gurvakot Municipality Introduces ‘One House, One Employment Policy’ and More

“We will employ a member from each household for at least 100 days a year,” he said.




Gurvakot Municipality Introduces ‘One House, One Employment Policy’ and More

Giving a boost to employment in Nepal at the grass-root level, Sukhet’s Gurvakot Municipality has decided to provide employment to jobless youth with the One house, One employment policy.

According to the program, the municipality has aimed to accord employment of 100 days per year to local jobless youth from poor, disadvantaged and backward areas.

The program aimed to increase employment opportunities for youth within Nepal is similar to the ambitious PM Employment Program (PMEP) launched by PM Oli.

Gurvakot Municipality Mayor Hasta Pun said that the policy is adopted to provide employment opportunities to youth who are seeking employment abroad.

“We will employ a member from each household for at least 100 days a year,” he said.

Pun confidently said that the specialized policy will retain youth within Nepal and involve them in creative works within their own village.

The policy covers entrepreneurial works related to agriculture farms, tourism and homestay under the program titled, Water, Minerals, Agriculture and Forest, Our Youth and Property program.

Besides, the municipality has rolled out a few other programs including a plan to convert at least 200 hay-roof houses into corrugated zinc sheets.

“We have set a goal to get Gurvakot freed from roof with hay and straw within coming three years,” said Pun.

“The municipality will grant 30 percent of the costs involved in the purchase of zinc sheets,” Pun added.

Similarly, the municipality has also introduced the ‘deputy mayor entrepreneurship program’ to promote self-employment among women.

“Enterprises development center will be set up in all 14 wards under this program, ” said Mauna BK, Deputy Mayor, Gurvakot Municipality.

Introducing the One Household, One Tap campaign, the municipality also plans to ensure access to drinking water in every household.

Other programs being rolled out by the Gurvakot Municipality include:

  • Provision of local nutrient rich foods to community schools students below grade 5
  • Engaging women health volunteers in health awareness,
  • Agriculture production – diversification and specialization
  • Honoring banks and financial institutions to provide agriculture loans to farmers and their groups

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