Friday 12th July 2024

Nepali Educational Consultancies ‘Bear the Brunt’ of COVID-19!

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the world, plunging the immediate future of Nepali students into uncertainty.

Live News! NEB to Conduct Grade 12 Examinations in Ashoj!

As the Nepali Government has permitted the educational institutes to take admissions and conduct examinations after

TU Affiliated Colleges to Open From Today!

As the Nepali Government has uplifted the coronavirus-induced nationwide lockdown, the Tribhuvan University (TU) has ordered

Nepali Schools Discontinue Online Classes Amid Financial Constraints!

Nepal is reeling under a plethora of problems including coronavirus pandemic, locust invasion, intra-party disputes, border

10 Mn Children At Risk of ‘Not Returning to School’ After COVID-19!

The drastic drop in education spending and rising economic crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic could

New US Immigration Guidelines Put Nepali Students in Dismay!

After coronavirus pandemic, the new guidelines issued by the US federal immigration authorities are set to

Live News! Nepal Cancels Grade 11 Exams Amid COVID-19!

Nepal’s National Examination Board (NEB) has canceled the 2020 final examinations of Grade 11 due to

Nepal Grade 11 and 12 New Curriculum 2076 Released!

As a new turn in the policy and structure of school-level education in Nepal, the Curriculum

Live! NEB Releases Assessment Procedure for ‘SEE 2077’

The Nepali National Education Board has released the Student Assessment, Result Publication and Certification Procedure, 2077

Live News! Nepali Government Cancels ‘SEE Examinations 2020’!

Putting a stop to all the speculations floating around the examinations, the Nepali Government has canceled

Nepal TU Scores Deal with ‘Microsoft’ to ‘Go Digital’!

The e-learning platforms became the only respite for students and teachers as the COVID-19 pandemic has

Live! Nepal To Decide On ‘SEE Examinations’ In A Week!

Putting a stop to all speculations floating around examinations, the Nepali Government has said that the

Nepal Unveils New Map Featuring ‘Extra’ 335 Sq Km Land

Despite the close linguistic, cultural and religious ties between Indians and Nepalis, the border disputes have

COVID-19: Nepal PSC Examinations Postponed!

Owing to the uncertainty prevailing around the coronavirus pandemic, the Nepali Government has already postponed all

#NepalFightsCorona: Nepal Launches ‘Ramailo App’ to Continue Education

While the coronavirus pandemic is continuing to spread across the county, the Nepali Government is striving

Nepal ‘Mandates’ SEE Exams Amidst COVID-19

Putting a stop to all the speculations, the Nepali National Examination Board (NEB) has reiterated its

Live! Nepal Open University Entrance Results 2077 Released

The Nepal Open University (NOP) has released the entrance examination results of MPhil, Masters and Diploma

Nepal Directs Education Institutions to ‘Hold’ Admissions

The Nepali government is striving to implement best strategies including lockdown extension and local entry points

Nepal to Introduce ‘Digital Education’ Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

Even though there are no significant number of coronavirus cases in Nepal, the COVID-19 pandemic has

‘To The Writer In You’ – Write To Us, Get Published!

Hello, Wondering what to do during quarantine? Being on lockdown doesn’t have to be boring, not

COVID-19 Nepal: SEE 2076 Examination Latest Updates!

While the countries across the world are reeling under the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, Nepal

Grade 11 and Grade 12 Nepal Board Exams Postponed!

The Nepali Government has ‘postponed’ the Grade 11 and Grade 12 Board Examinations due to the

Nepal SEE 2076 Examinations ‘Rescheduling’ Update!

With the growing threat of coronavirus outbreak in the country, the Nepali Government has postponed all


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