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#NepalFightsCorona: Nepal Launches ‘Ramailo App’ to Continue Education

The app contains 56 stories and poems for students from Grade 1 to 3.



#NepalFightsCorona: Nepal Launches ‘Ramailo App’ to Continue Education

While the coronavirus pandemic is continuing to spread across the county, the Nepali Government is striving to help students continue their learning during the lockdown.

Lately, the Nepali Education and Human Resource Development Centre has launched an education application called ‘Ramailo Mobile App’ to help students from Grade 1 to 3.

The app consists of 56 exciting stories and poems published by the Curriculum Development Centre. It also features various message-oriented radio programs in the Nepali language.


The application is available in the Google Play store and can be downloaded in an android smartphone.

Nepal Ramailo Mobile App

According to the Centre Director Madhav Prasad Dahal, all the schoolteachers have been educated with the procedure of using the mobile app.

Earlier, the government has also launched a ‘COVID-19 Tracing and Tracking App’ to prevent and control the coronavirus in the country.

The Nepali Government is working rigorously to alleviate the socioeconomic burden inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic on people.

So far, Nepal has reported 246 coronavirus positive cases and zero death cases. Meanwhile, 35 patients were recovered.


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