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Nepal ‘Mandates’ SEE Exams Amidst COVID-19

The NEB has not announced the new exam schedule as uncertainty prevails around COVID-19.



Nepal ‘Mandates’ SEE Exams Amidst COVID-19

Putting a stop to all the speculations, the Nepali National Examination Board (NEB) has reiterated its decision to conduct the Secondary Education Examinations (SEE) amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

It said that the ‘SEE examinations are mandatory’ as students cannot be promoted to the next level based on the internal assessment by the schools.

During a video conference by Education Journalist Network (EJON) Nepal, NEB Chair Prof. Dr. Chandra Mani Poudel said that the prevalent provisions in the Education Act have made SEE compulsory.


“We have to abide by the prevalent legal provisions and cannot defy them. We are the authority to work as per the prevalent regulations and will conduct the exam as provisioned,” said Poudel.

He assured the students that at least two weeks would be given for preparation and reaching the exam centers.

However, the NEB has not announced the new exam schedule as uncertainty prevails around COVID-19.

Nepal SEE Exam 2076 Schedule Released

“Although the situation seems under control in some places, it may go worse again. Hence, it’s difficult to tell the date of the exam,” exclaimed Poudel.

Meanwhile, the Nepali Government is planning various ways to conduct exams like conducting exams in phases or placing exam centers at convenient places for the students.

Earlier, the government has allocated 1995 exam centers. However, a recent analysis has shown that 727 more centers were required to conduct examinations following social distancing in the exam hall.

So far, Nepal has reported 121 coronavirus infection cases. However, 31 patients were discharged after recovery.

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