Friday 29th September 2023

Nepal’s COVID-19 tally shoots up by 1,388

24 coronavirus mortalities were recorded in 24 hours



Nepal’s COVID-19 tally shoots up by 1,388

Nepal’s health ministry has confirmed that the nation’s COVID-19 has increased by 1,388 new infections. The total caseload of Nepal stays pegged at 842,193.

A total of 7,259 swab samples were collected and tested for the virus using the RT-PCR method. 1,214 samples tested positive for coronavirus. The PCR’s current positivity rate is 16.72 percent.

Additionally, 3,038 people were tested with the antigen method, and 174 of them were found to be infected. Antigen positivity rate rested at 6.38 percent. The overall per-day positivity landed at 13.47 percent.


Currently, Nepal has 35,796 coronavirus infections across the country. 3,052 are hospitalized, and 625 infected people are in ICU.

Covid19 Test

167 people have been placed on ventilators. 24 COVID-19 induced mortalities occurred in the last 24 hours, while 2,260 people have achieved complete recovery.

So far, 10,714 people have died due to coronavirus while 712, 712 people have recovered from the infection. Nepal sports a recovery rate of 93.9 percent, while its coronavirus mortality rate is 1.5 rate percent.

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