Monday 15th July 2024

Sichuan Airliner Overshoots the Runway

The civilian aircraft remained for an hour due to the incident



Sichuan Airliner Overshoots the Runway

A jetliner of Sichuan Airlines had to stay airborne for an hour after it overshot the runway during its landing approach.

The jet had taken off from Chengdu province and was attempting to land at the Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport.

This incident was sparked due to poor visibility which was caused by bad weather. Tribhuvan airport authorities stated that the aircraft overshot the landing strip this morning.



The jetliner was to land in Nepal at 06:29 AM. However, as it jumped the runway limit near Imadol. As a result, the plane landed at 7:51 AM after going for another landing approach.

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