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COVID-19 in US: Death Toll Surpasses 12K, Infections over 400K

So far, the US reported 400,412 coronavirus infections, with New York alone having 142,384.





COVID-19 in US: Death Toll Surpasses 12K, Infections over 400K

The coronavirus death toll in the United States has surpassed 12,000 mark as the nation entered the toughest stage during COVID-19 outbreak on March 8, 2020.

As of today, the American Government has reported 400,412 coronavirus infection cases and 12,854 death cases.

The US is reporting highest number of COVID-19 infection cases than any country in the world, and trials only Italy and Spain in number of deaths.


However, experts claim that the true impact of the contagion is still uncertain with the lack of widespread and reliable testing.

COVID-19 Testing

New York with the best COVID-19 testing facilities has tested over 320,000 people. However, the ratio of tests to positive cases is less than 3:1 and is far low than the ratio suggested by the WHO.

“If 80-90% of the people test positive, you are probably missing a lot of cases,” exclaimed Michael Ryan, the WHO Executive Director for Emergencies.

Meanwhile, the government officials stated that there are favourable signs in the combat against COVID-19, especially due to the aggressive mitigation measures implemented by the US.

There is a slowdown in the number of new coronavirus cases in the USA. On April 5, 2020, the nation reported over 25,000 new COVID-19 cases against the record 34,000 cases reported the day before.

Even in New York, the epicentre of coronavirus outbreak in the USA, the number of infections and deaths dropped for the first time.

Let’s have a glance at the ‘State-wise COVID-19 Situation’

  • New York – 142,984 cases, 5,489 deaths
  • New Jersey – 44,416 cases, 1,232 deaths
  • Michigan – 18,970 cases, 845 deaths
  • California – 17,537 cases, 447 deaths
  • Louisiana – 16,284 cases, 582 deaths
  • Massachusetts – 15,202 cases, 356 deaths
  • Florida – 14,747 cases, 296 deaths
  • Washington – 9,129 cases, 403 deaths
  • Texas – 9,056 cases, 175 deaths

So far, the coronavirus has infected 1,433,588 people and claimed 82,078 lives globally. However, 305,020 patients have already recovered.

Confirmed US COVID-19 Deaths Report (As on 07th April 2020)

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