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Enhance your Typing Experience with 6 Exclusive iPhone Keyboard Features

Well, hiding the default iPhone keyboard is not at all a difficult task.



Enhance your Typing Experience with 6 Exclusive iPhone Keyboard Features

Nowadays, the iPhone is considered one of the leading smartphone brands. Side-by-side, it has also acquired worldwide recognition for ultimate user experience. And this has become possible because of its extensive hardware and software integration with iOS.

Starting from incredible picture quality to long-lasting battery performance, there are plenty of aspects that have made the iPhone one of the most purchased and high-rated devices across the globe.

Apart from all the outstanding and high-range specifications, the iPhone keyboard is something that you would definitely love. It has got everything that as a smartphone user you’ll ever require — predictions, auto-correction, easy-to-use text replacement feature, and much more.


But, at times, typing on an oversized keyboard can pose a serious challenge. So, it becomes essential to acknowledge the hidden iPhone keyboard features to improve the typing experience.

Whether you access emails or workplace-related messages through your iPhone, it is highly recommended not to equip any third-party keyboard apps as Apple’s default keyboard is all you need to improve the functionality in the long run.

6 Essential Keyboard Hacks iPhone Users Must Explore


Well, we all spent an ample amount of time accessing our smartphones. We do a lot using the iPhone’s keyboard, from acquiring information about the latest incidents to controlling our social media accounts.

With the advent of the latest iOS update, Apple manufacturers have come up with additional bug-free keyboard features. So, if you are encountering any technical glitches, by this time, you can definitely overcome them. To extend the iPhone keyboard’s longevity and performance, you need to learn some basic keyboard tricks.

Probably, Apple may not win the race for the best smartphone keyboard. However, you can make its utmost use by navigating these exclusive keyboard features. So, now it’s high time to reveal the keyboard secrets!

1) Efficiently Add Numbers and Symbols

Yes! Now, adding numbers or symbols to the iPhone keyboard has become more comfortable. This new feature is like a hidden treasure that you were most likely seeking for a prolonged time. Now when you have discovered it, don’t forget to explore it to increase your overall productivity.

There is a significance of symbols or numbers while writing a long message or email. And, sometimes, it becomes quite troublesome to change the numbers and symbols on the keyboard continuously. It is nothing but a tedious job that can slow down your writing speed and overall accuracy.

Hold on! The bonus point about the iPhone keyboard is that just a simple swipe can do magic. So, all the iPhone owners need to do is swipe the number page “123” to the “letter’ and this will be beneficial for you to easily navigate to the numbers or symbols in the punctuation page that you require while typing. It’s as simple as that! So, opt for this highly appreciated keyboard feature now!

2) Enable the Dictation Feature

Well, suppose you have not yet heard about the dictation capabilities of the iPhone keyboard, you should now consider activating it. What do you need to do to enable it? Simply open the iPhone keyboard and tap on the “Mic” button to enable the dictation feature. Now, you can dictate a text with the rigorous assistance of Siri’s voice recognition feature.

Moreover, dictating a text is much more convenient and easier when you are already engaged in some other activities such as driving or cooking. And, do you know what the best part of this handy keyboard feature is? You can now add punctuation, line, and even paragraphs breaking using voice commands. So, make your life trouble-free with this super flexible keyboard feature.

3) Provide the Domain Address Easily

Entering the accurate domain address sometimes becomes problematic, especially when you are in a hurry. One simple mistake can make you rewrite the address to access the website. So, if you are one of those iPhone users who mostly fail to construct the domain address, then simply opt for this effective solution.

All you need to do is, tap the “.” button for a while. You will be directed to a webpage in your preferred web browser from where you can easily access the domain address. This will ensure you to enhance the minimal speed of writing without any spelling/punctuation/symbol mistakes. And, if you are unable to access this feature, avail professional assistance.

iPhone Models

4) Access the Emoticon Shortcuts

You can access a special keyboard feature that you may still be unaware of —the Emoji keyboard. Express your feelings by just enabling this much anticipated iPhone keyboard function.

Simply start by tapping on the “Setting” section. After that, proceed with choosing the “General” section, and then access the “Keyboard”. Lastly, navigate for the “Add a new keyboard” and add on “Emoji”, that’s all you need to do.

The iPhone users might get to see a wide range of keyboards that are installed on the device. However, you should not install any third-party keyboard application. You will mostly only locate the default iPhone keyboard and the emoji keyboard. And, for the third-party keyboard apps, the smiley icon will be shown as a globe icon. So, observe carefully!

5) Use the Period Key

Do you know the function of a period key? It is referred to as an alternative key in the Qwerty iPhone keyboard. With the help of a period key, you can now automatically insert a domain address. Open a web browser (such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) or search engine, now move to the “Address bar” to write the domain name.

Now, hold the “Period” key for a few seconds and an optional menu will pop up on the screen. You will find the most common options like .com, .org, .edu in that menu, choose the preferable option that goes with the domain name, and get to the website you are looking for.

6) Get Clear Definitions

When it comes to understanding a certain hard-to-read word, iPhone keyboards are inevitable. Moreover, every sort of iPhone model comes with an in-built dictionary, which you can easily activate. And, if you are not aware of the activation procedure, then here are the step-by-step guidelines for you:

Initially, it would be best if you started by moving to the “System Settings” section. Next, don’t forget to tap on the “General” section and then choose “Dictionary” when the General menu opens up on the screen.

Now, open any article of your interest and choose a specific section/word you do not understand. Tap on the “Lookup” option after selecting the word. Voila! You will be presented with the actual meaning of that phrase. So, bring out the best in your iPhone keyboard before it gets out of hand.

Is it Possible to Hide the iPhone Keyboard?

iPhone Function

Well, hiding the default iPhone keyboard is not at all a difficult task. Moreover, in certain instances such as reading an important mail or in the middle of a written document you may not require the keyboard’s presence. Simply hide it by swiping the onscreen keyboard from down to the middle of the screen. That’s it! It will be removed, and to get it back tap anywhere on the screen.

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